The Power of Running Nominees


 Jeff Keezer

 Jeff Keezer is someone who tackles his runs and does not let any obsticles prevent him from achieving his goals. Jeff is a truck driver, so he is sitting most of the day driving, but still manages to get his training in. While many runners have demanding jobs and still manage to get their runs in, Jeff inspires me to run because he continues to push his own boundaries and cheers people on to push their own. He almost always has a smile on his face, and encouraging words for other people. He finished in last place for his first marathon and triathalon but always with a smile on his face. Not only did he have a huge group of people cheering him on, but for the marathon the race director even ran with him the last few miles to make sure that he finished. For the triathalon another local runner, after she finished her swimming leg of her own relay, went back out in the water to swim him in. He inspires both me and others to get out there when we do not want to, to ignore people who say you cannot finish that distance or race, and to embrace the discomfort of racing. He would be the first to tell you that it does not matter if you finish last, it matter that you finish. He is also the most selfless runner and tries to give back to the running community in every way that he can. He is the first to volunteer for a race and will always help any runner out in anyway that he can.

 ID Shofoluwe

 ID continually breaks down walls that others would find hard to even look at. She has been a  streaker for numerous sessions and set her half marathon PR of 2:17 (knocking 10 minutes off) at the 2015 Wrightsville Beach Half-Marathon. Her positivity, candor, perspective, and smile is  always wonderful to have at the group runs. Furthermore, you may never meet anyone more selfless than ID; the joy she emanates watching her fellow Streakers succeed is amazing.

Here is a beautiful testimonial from one of her fellow Streakers. This speaks volumes to her and is 100% spot on:

"ID was literally on her death bed a couple of years ago after suffering a heart attack. She's changed her life—started running, lost weight, changed her diet, decided to do what SHE needed to do despite some naysayers. Her doctor praises her. She did 5 halves last year (and I don’t know what other races). Not only that, she wants to inspire other women. She's done many things women in her culture (Nigeria) that you're "not supposed to do" by running, wearing shorts that
actually reveal her legs!, racing, etc. She remains positive and is always willing to run with others. She has a great sense of humor and is truly an inspiration.

 Lisa & Barry Martin

 Lisa & Barry have been inspirational members of the Streaker family for years.  If you want to know what it means to have the best partner, friend and/or teammate possible, all you have to do is watch these two run together.  They run side by side at EVERY group run.  I once had a fellow Streaker cry happy tears watching them, as they stated, "their love is what everyone deserves".  Both are extremely hard workers, encouraging each other every step of the way.  They have a passion for the Shamrock race in the spring, in which Barry has become a staple in the half-marathon and Lisa in the 8K.  Not only is their love for each other infectious, so is their love for the entire Streaker family.  For example, whenever we do any type of costume run, you can count on these two to come dressed to the nines, showing everyone just how fun running can be.  For Lisa and Barry, running is not necessarily about setting new PRs; it is about togetherness and happiness.

 Ryan Davis

 Ryan has been a Streaker since the program's inception in 2011.  He has been at just about every group run since then, is extremely dedicated to his training, and is very welcoming and friendly to each and every new Streaker that joins our family.  Ryan has always been one of our resident Streaker "speed demons", inspiring others with his consistency and perspective in knowing how to keep it fun while still working hard towards his goals.  Ryan ran his first marathon at the 2012 Rock 'n Roll Savannah, where he finished in 3:52.  Since then, he has knocked his time down to 3:23 at the 2015 Chicago Marathon.  He has also run a 1:31 flat half-marathon and is now gunning for that elusive sub-1:30, which I have no doubt he will obtain.  Group runs are more fun with Ryan, as you can't help but smile in his presence.

Danny Smithey

 When Danny first came to me, he said he didn't want to run a marathon unless he broke four hours. His drive and dedication to his ensuing training was FLAWLESS. He went on to smash his goal at the 2012 Myrtle Beach Marathon in 3:46. Since then, Danny has dealt with many unfortunate personal setbacks. His son was involved in a life threatening accident, he broke his foot after slipping on ice at work, and to add insult to injury, after qualifying for the Boston Marathon, he found out his time was less than 20 seconds shy of what was needed to actually run the race. Regardless, Danny ALWAYS rose above. He was afraid he'd never get back to his old form, but he did just that and then some. I'm proud to say that Danny will be toe-ing the Boston Marathon start line this April 18th. He knocked his marathon time down to 3:33 at the 2015 Shamrock Marathon, and his halfmarathon PR now stands at 1:41, which was a 3-minute PR. Danny is proof that with belief and will, there is always a way.


Eddie Wooten

 Eddie, a local runner, is the sports editor at the local newspaper. His passion for running has him engaging with the local running community on a daily basis. His "running shorts" blog and the News and Record keeps Eddie as the connection point for all runners in the community. He writes inspiring profiles, keeps our runners in the know and connects groups together. It is not Eddie's job that makes him an inspiration. It is his passion for running and the running community that brings us all together. He is our connection point.


Carly Swaim

Here is Carley's story and why I am nominating her:
Upon arriving home I became very emotional and I couldn't quite figure out why and then I realized that running has absolutely changed my life. I've lost 70lbs, became healthier, happier, and fell in love with a sport that I never ever thought of doing. But more than anything I have met some amazing people along the way; people that are encouraging, supportive, funny, dedicated and now my friends whether you like it or not. 😉 I love each of you for all that you given me to
guide me through this journey, thank you! The transformation is not me its all of you!
#changeeverything #NOBOs2 #teamawesome


 Stevven Anderson

 Stevven Anderson is a great runner. For the second straight year he has secured the top position in the Greensboro Running Series. I find him inspirational because he uses his speed and

accomplishments to encourage others to reach their potential.

His humble attitude and motivating nature has spread through the High Point running community. Through his direction, a great running group has formed in the community. This group is now raising money for local charities.

Stevven truly inspires people to be better versions of themselves. We are so lucky to have him be a part of our community.

Mary Burns

 Mary is a part of our training program group, Funner Runners. This is a very close knit group

and since she has been a part of the group, she has taken over a mentor position cheering on her
fellow runners and encouraging them to make the most out of every step they take.

Her determination is truly awe inspiring because Mary is currently fighting a battle against cancer. She is going through chemotherapy as she continues to run and mentor the group. Her actions and determination are inspiring to watch.

Lauren Evans

I met Lauren this Spring. I was waiting at the finish line to see her mother finish her first 5k with The NOBO HP team! Lauren couldn't believe what her mom had accomplished! A few weeks later I was asked if Lauren could sign up for No Boundaries! I was thrilled! Over this 12 week session I have seen Lauren go from being a scared young lady, to a confident runner! Every run she seemed to find a new person to run with and make a new friend. She made all runners feel welcome and youthful! Lauren is always making people laugh and realize running is fun! Thank you Lauren Evans!

Jeff Baggett

Jeff cheered on his wife from the sidelines for years watching her run and enjoy the camaraderie of her fellow runners. 4 years ago Jeff decided to join the fun and became part of the Funner Runner training program.

Jeff is a delight to have around the group. He is fun and energetic and embraces the running
community. He best states it as: "Runners are the best people ever- It does not matter how hard, far, or fast I run..I get more encouragement and support from this group of people than imaginable--It is an awesome feeling. Either runners are great people to begin with, or running helps you become a good person, either way--Runners Rock!!"

Jeff does all this and more for the runners he is around.

Leigh Earman

Leigh is such an inspiration to me because she has challenged me to be better and is a great motivator and encourager and supporter. I have beat my PR by being coached by her to encourage me to keep going.

Cindy Baggett

Cindy is an accomplished runner who always has a smile on her face, even when she is running a race in 90 degree heat and 100% humidity. Her love of the sport is infectious. Her cheery demeanor has made one of the local running groups, the High Point Pub Runners, the close knit community that it has become. A great example of this is a local race that occurred this past Sunday and she had invited some other people to join the group and even went out so far as to post on the facebook page to the group to welcome the new people. She is truly a joy to be around and is someone who is competitive herself, but also cheers others on.

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