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U.S. employees spend an average of 50 hours a week at work and eat about one-third of their meals there as well. Work is a source of pride, defines our career, and is responsible for many influences on lifestyle.  As an owner, HR director, or wellness committee chair you can positively impact the lifestyles of your employees, creating more productive and satisfied workers... and Fleet Feet Sports can help.   

The Facts...

The 2008 CDC Health Insurance survey showed that 36% of all adults were considered totally inactive.  37% of all adults were at a healthy weight, 35% were overweight, and 27% were obese with obesity percentages even higher in the Midwest and South.  Obesity and high BMI have been directly linked to numerous diseases including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes which all result in higher healthcare costs to employer and employee. 

New State Employee Insurance Policy for 2011

The North Carolina State Health Plan instituted the Comprehensive Wellness Initiative in 2009 to motivate healthier lifestyles among employees.  In 2010 this means employees pay more out of pocket if they continue to use tobacco, and in 2011 and 2012 they will pay more for having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of above 40 and 35 respectively

How Fleet Feet Sports can Help

Our mission is to promote active lifestyles in the Greensboro and High Point community for walkers, runners, and fitness enthusiasts of all abilities.  By professionally fitting your employees for athletic shoes, inserts, sports bras, or recommending comfortable clothing we aim to motivate continued fitness.  After all, who wants to walk 30 minutes a day in shoes that hurt and blue jeans?  We offer two ways to educate and motivate your employees to live healthier lifestyles: No Boundaries 5K Training and scheduling Corporate Seminars 

No Boundaries Beginners 5K

Fleet Feet Sports and New Balance have partnered to create a nationally recogninzed, award winning beginner's 5K training program.  The goal is to get you off the couch and completing your first 5K in 12 weeks, complete with a detailed training schedule, 2 coached workouts per week, programs for walkers and runners, educational seminars, and a great team of motivators.  Running and walking for exercise is one of the best lifestyle choices you can make, burning upwards of 400 calories an hour.  

Corporate Seminars

The staff at Fleet Feet Sports offer free seminars to just about anyone.  We often speak during "lunch and learns," to gym classes, YMCAs, health fairs, corporate offices, and medical clinics.  Topics can be tailored to your group's specific interests, but often include:Shoe Fit and Comfort during exercise, A Guide to well-FIT Sports Bras, Tips for beginning an exercise program, etc.  Please contact Kelly Parker at for more information or schedule a clinic at your workplace.

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