Yoga for Runners

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Fleet Feet High Point: March 18 - May 6

Class times:  
Fleet Feet High Point: Monday nights from 7:15-8:15 in the store

Class cost:  
$65 per session or  $10 per class
Drop ins welcome: $10 drop in rate

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We all know that running increases strength, stamina and strengthens our respiratory system....right? But did you know that Yoga does all of those same things too? Coupling the two disciplines together just makes sense. Yoga is something that all runners should consider   implementing into their schedules. A few simple yoga poses, done correctly before and after a run can create lasting and noticeable results in our bodies.

The great thing about yoga is that it can be an intense aerobic workout or a restorative session following a grueling run. Yoga helps lengthen the muscles of the body, reversing muscle tightness caused by running. The body becomes more flexible, stable. The repetitiveness of running causes the muscles to shorten, particularly in the legs. Yoga elongates the muscles, creating better alignment of the muscles and bones, while correcting posture and gait problems.

A yoga practice causes us to become more "in tune" with our bodies. Recognizing stress points and learning to relax, breathe and focus all at the same time. A runner may find a point far off in the distance to focus does exactly the same thing. Training our minds and eyes to focus on a distant point while holding poses.

A regular yoga practice can make us stronger and more flexible. We can then take the same concepts from the yoga mat out onto the road when we run.

We carry a wonderful selection of yoga apparel. Each brand provides distinct fits for a range of activities, feels so good on that you will want to make it your every day wardrobe and will help make your workouts more enjoyable. 

Meet Our High Point Instructor, Kristen Beckett

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