11 Hot Weather Running Tips

Heat index of 105 today?  Say what?  Below are some tips to help keep you safe and happy out there.  You can do it, you just need to: Lower your expectations. NO ONE runs their best in this mess.  On average, we're about 30-45 seconds per mile slower at the same effo…

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Saucony Ride 10 Review

The Saucony Ride is the perfect mixture of lightweight and high cushioning. While this isn't necessarily a shoe I'd pick first to do speedwork in (although I have done several speed workouts in them and they performed very well), the Everun cushioning makes this a top choice for longer runs …

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Are Side Stitches Putting Your Workout to a Halt?

Imagine this. You’re just trying to get a nice run in after a long day at work. The sun is out and there’s a nice breeze to keep you cool. Then, suddenly, you feel a slight pain beginning to form in your side. You think it’s just a cramp, so you keep running in hopes it wil…

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The Fleet Feet Event of the Summer

Pickles and running? Not your average duo, however, for Fleet Feet Sports in High Point and Greensboro, the two represent the organizations marquee event of the summer. The Fleet Feet Pickle is a 30K relay course which takes runners along the Greenway from High Point, NC to Greensboro, NC an…

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Run-In Movie & Sock Hop

Are you ready to take a trip back on memory lane?  Run with us on Thursday, May 11th.  Group runs begin at 6:15pm.  All paces and distances are welcome!   The Sock Hop Details: Drop off your lawn chair for your viewing pleasure at Fleet Feet Greensboro anytime after…

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Saucony Freedom ISO Review

As you may or may not know, the Saucony Freedom ISO is pretty much my favorite shoe of all time. I’ve now run around one hundred miles in them, but they feel just as good as the very first time I put them on. Every step feels well cushioned and supported.I enjoy wearing the Freedoms fo…

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Under Armour Speedform Gemini 3 Review

In our last staff meeting, we spoke a lot about the new Under Armour shoes we are carrying.  Among the line-up include the UA Bandit, UA Gemini and the UA Europa.  My run in UA Gemini 3, their more premium cushion model of a neutral shoe, did not leave me wondering whether Under Ar…

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Brooks Juno Bra Review

The new Juno might be the best sports bra ever made. Before this bra, I thought that a sports bra was something to be tolerated, not enjoyed.  The new Juno has changed my mind completely.  After my first run, I immediately texted our apparel buyer and told her I was in love.  …

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Seth's Solutions: What to Eat After Your Run

So we spend a good amount of time talking to our customers about the shoesies they wear, the muscles they tear, and the...chair? hair? scare? couldn't find a good way to finish this seussesque rhyme pattern, POINT BEING: we don't always talk to them about foods that make them FEEL better pos…

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