11 Hot Weather Running Tips

Heat index of 105 today?  Say what?  Below are some tips to help keep you safe and happy out there.  You can do it, you just need to:

  1. Lower your expectations. NO ONE runs their best in this mess.  On average, we're about 30-45 seconds per mile slower at the same effort.
  2. Purposely run slower (think recovery effort!).
  3. Hydrate hydrate hydrate all day and during your runs (sip water at least every 10-15 minutes while running).  Carry it with you via a handheld or belt, pre-set bottles along your route, or plan your route by water fountains.  Don't forget a sports/electrolyte drink to maintain sodium levels too.
  4. Dress in lightweight and light colored clothing.
  5. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  Stop at any signs of nausea, dizziness, and/or if you stop sweating. 
  6. Consider a half size up in your shoes to accommodate swelling.
  7. Wear sunglasses and/or a brimmed hat/visor.
  8. Apply sunblock generously.
  9. Run early, late, and/or in the shade.
  10. Run with a buddy so that you can watch out for each other.  
  11. Weigh yourself before and after running.  For every pound lost, you need 16oz of fluid.
Simply getting easy miles in now as pre-base work will help conquer your goals come this fall, and come August 7th, Streakers 17 will get ya there the rest of the way!  

Tips by Coach Jen Goff, coach of Streakers

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