12 Days of Fitness: (Day 2) Balega Socks

12 Days of Fitness: (Day 2) Balega Socks

On the Second Day of Fitness, my family gave to me . . . 
Balega socks

Sometimes it's the little things that make a world of difference when it comes to running. Everyone focuses on the correct shoe or bra, but the correct sock can be just as important!

Thick vs thin, high vs low, wool vs synthetic; who knew so many choices were available when choosing socks!  Well, you're in luck. At Fleet Feet Sports we pride ourselves on having variety and allowing our customers to see what sock fits them the best. One of our brand partners, Balega Socks, does a fantastic job of giving its' consumer choices. They have both thick (Enduro and Hidden Comfort) and thin (Hidden Dry), as well as heights (low cut, quarter cut and crew cut). Along with those choices they also have different materials that they make the socks out of. Each sock is offered in a synthetic and wool material. 

Come and see us Saturday for some great deals on "socking stuffers" and Balega socks during our Socktastic Saturday event!

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