12 Days of Fitness: (Day 3) Altra Shoes

12 Days of Fitness: (Day 3) Altra Shoes

On the Third Day of Fitness, my family gave to me...
Altra Shoes

Altra looks different from every other traditional running shoe because every other traditional running shoe didn’t fit their founder’s feet, and he knew that he wasn’t the only one having this problem. Their FOOTSHAPE Toe Box looks unusual at first, but once your foot is in the shoe you may finally find the fit that you’ve been looking for.

 Their Zero Drop philosophy places an emphasis on a “natural” foot strike, with the foot positioned under the body, knee slightly flexed, body in a slight forward lean. This takes pressure off the knee at impact and has helped to extend the running lifespan of many people who were told that they could never run again.

 So if you haven’t been finding the right toe box in traditional shoes, stop by and try Altra on. It might be the best Christmas present that you ever gave your feet.

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