28 Reasons Why You May Be A Runner...

You may be a runner if...

  1. The cost of your hobby requires a part-time job.
  2. There is a direct correlation of your current happiness to road traveled.
  3. You run to stay sane or rather less crazy. 
  4. You run as a way to enjoy solitude for a while.
  5. You go on vacation, and there is no room left in your suitcase for regular clothes! 
  6. The majority of your wardrobe consists of technical clothing and race shirts.
  7. You run to keep your mind, body, and sanity in shape. 
  8. Your trunk looks like this when you go to a trail race 
    Trail Race
  9.  You have more sports bras than normal bras in your closet
  10. Beer is the main reason to get that extra mile in
  11. You have more running shoes than every day shoes
  12. You love to feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, and the ground beneath your feet.
  13. you get all excited on your birthday whenever you'll move up an age group.
  14. your spouse sobs in the doctor's office when you're told that you will be taking time off from running.
  15. when you tell your children that the family is going on vacation, they immediately ask which race you're running.
  16. you can discuss body functions at length with other adults without a hint of embarrassment.
  17. you've joined 10 Facebook groups and all of them have to do with running.
  18. everyone knows not to contact you after 9 PM because you're already in bed.
  19. you regularly receive greeting cards from your physical therapist's office.
  20. your response to the question "how is your health?" after a recent major health issue is my hamstring is a bit sore.
  21. when you run a race just for the tech shirt
  22. when you love short shorts
  23. when you count down the days to a shoe release
  24. when everything you do has to be fast and a competition
  25. when you think every day is the best weather
  26. if your laundry is sorted into loads of "tech" and "other"
  27. your idea of decorating a wall is covered in racing bibs. 
    Race bibs 
  28. your favorite attire is running gear. 

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