3 Tips for What to Wear During Spring Summer

It's that time of year.  The birds are chirping, the sun is hesitating to come out and you are cold when you start your run.  Not long after, the sun is shining bringing some much needed heat and you are in full sweat mode wondering why you are wearing all these clothes!  There is a solution to this ever fluctuating weather.  The answer is layers.

  1. Layer up.  Choosing the garmet to run in can make your run great or a little heavy, so it's important to find the right balance.  Try a tech shirt sleeve underneath a lightweight long sleeve shirt.  Choose a fabric that will easily roll up and wick away moisture as you get some heat running through you.

  2. Don't Wear Pants.  It's a tough decision, especially for us warm blooded folks, but you are going to want to start your run in capris or shorts.  For the ladies, capris are the perfect lightweight material to give you a little cover while it's still chilly, but also allow you some breathability over the long haul.  

  3. Wear Arm Warmers and Compression Sleeves.   Arm and calf sleeves are the perfect companion to a chilly morning.  You still wear exactly what you want, but you have an extra layer that won't constrict your movement.  

Enjoy this amazing running weather while it is here.  Not too much longer, the heat will beat us all during the day!

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