4 Core Exercises Every Runner Shouldn't Live Without

As a physical trainer, I find that runners often neglect core strength.  While having 6-pack abs may not be on the forefront of every runner's mind, it's important to understand how core strength can help you with your posture and build speed.  Your arms and legs do, in fact, stem from your core.  

The largest benefit of core strength is your increase in balance and stability.  During longer runs, a strong core will help you keep your running form and reduce "wobbling" while you run.  An upright torso will help you exert less energy and therefore allow you to run further for longer.

Exercises such as

will include a great deal of core strength. Another way to help with running form would be dynamic stretching before and after a run. This would include high knees, butt kicks, hip rotations inward and outward, power skips, and lunges.

- Chelsea Stroupe

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