8 Tips for Running in the Rain & Wind

Buddy Up - Stay motivated and find a friend to run with. Group runs and training programs will help keep you motivated as the weather turns. Join the High Point Pub Runs or the Greensboro Beginner Runs on Tuesday nights. Finish with some beer to warm you up!

Dress in Layers - Although you don't want to overdress in rainy weather, it is a good idea to keep it technical closest to your body and then a water resistant lightweight jacket to repel the wind and rain. Try the Adidas Smarter Jacket to help repelling the wind and rain (Check out our coupon below!)

Don't Overdress - Yes, we just told you to layer up, but remember the more pieces of clothing you have on, the more items that will be wet.  When dressing for a rainy run, keep it simple.

Wear a Hat with a Brim - This will shield your eyes from the rain and repel any unnecessary dampness from your face.

Be Visible and Wear Reflective Clothing - During these days before Daylight Savings changes, it still gets darker earlier,  This means you may find yourself running when the light is a little dimmer.  Add rain and cloudiness to the mix and it becomes tougher for drivers and bikers to see you.  Be sure to make yourself visible!

Avoid Chafing - Moisture also means you may experience some chafing and rubbing.  Do what you can to avoid this by applying some Bodyglide or Run Guard, a MUST for any runner's/walker's medicine cabinet or backpack, in areas that you may often experience chafing like the inner thighs, around your bra, etc.)

Protect Your Electronics - Whether you are running with your ipod or your phone, keep it safe in a Fitletic belt or a Nathan Phantom Paks.

Dry Your Shoes - When you are done with your run, don't forget to dry your shoes.  Stuff some newspaper in your shoes to help them dry.  This will allow your shoes to keep their shape while the newspaper absorbs the water.

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