ASICS DynaFlyte Review

ASICS DynaFlyteAfter a hard day of work on my legs, I was excited to get on the road and run with my shiny new shoes, the ASICS DynaFlyte.  Pre-ordering my color made me even more excited to get exactly what I wanted.  I wasn't disappointed.  These are awesome looking shoes.  There was more than one color combination that I wanted.

What I noticed before even putting on the shoe was how light it was when I picked it up - close to even a racing shoe.  The upper is completely seamless which added to its lightweight quality.

I was hoping for a highly cushioned shoe with adequate responsiveness.  I was not disappointed!  The new ASICS “FlyteFoam” makes up the whole midsole.  This foam is 55% lighter than standard midsole foam, but the shock absorption was not compromised in any way.  I loved the fit and feel of the shoe.  The upper felt like it was nicely wrapped around my foot without suffocating it.  It offered the ultimate feeling of flight.  I actually ran a pace that is about 30 seconds faster than I normally do during this run because I felt so good.  The lightweight feel of them seemed to encourage speed and could definitely by your speed and tempo run training shoe.

Review by Kelly Parker

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