Brooks Greenlight Short Review

Brooks Greenlight Short

Brooks Greenlight Short Review

by Mandy Wahl

I am going to use some real talk right here.  I do not have a thigh gap. I will probably never have a thigh gap.  It is just not in my DNA.  However, I love being active, especially running.  I have always had problems with my thighs rubbing together and chaffing.  Body glide, an anti-chaffing product, would do well for most of my runs, but every 20+ miler it would be back.  I also hate running in capris and there is no way that would work in our hot humid southern summers.  So imagine my surprise when I came across a super comfortable short that made it so that I did not chafe at all!  Brooks’ Greenlight 7-inch short to the rescue!

These shorts are flattering when you put them on and so comfortable I found myself washing them numerous times a week so that I could wear them again and again.  I eventually broke down and bought 3 more pairs.  It also features a sweat-proof pocket that can hold keys or a gu.  Most importantly, I ran my first ultra-marathon in them, 33 miles, and there was no chaffing!  It is just a bonus that they are also cute!

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