Brooks Juno Bra Review

The new Juno might be the best sports bra ever made. Before this bra, I thought that a sports bra was something to be tolerated, not enjoyed.  The new Juno has changed my mind completely.  After my first run, I immediately texted our apparel buyer and told her I was in love.  

First and foremost, the new Juno secures the ladies.  My first run in the bra was around Country Park and there was next to no bounce.  Secondly, there was no chaffing due to the padded enclosure and new design.  While the old Juno did a decent job of eliminating the bounce, the tradeoff was that I would come away with chaffing along the rib cage and the enclosure.  I put the new Juno through the paces, through numerous training runs, a 50K, and Marathon, I had zero chaffing.   

I saved the best for last, they changed the back design to make it easier to get on and off.  This was probably the #1 complaint about the old Juno, and folks Brooks listened.   I was easily able to get out of the bra after an ultra-marathon in September (i.e. sweating worse than a cat on a hot tin roof) when I only had an Orange Mud towel wrap around me to change.  This bra is so wonderful, that I honestly was doing laundry two to three times a week just so that I could wear it more often.  

Mandy Wahl
Inventory and Workplace FIT Manager

Brooks Juno Bra Spring 2017Brooks Juno Bra Spring 2017

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