Funner Runner Spotlight: Lindsay Kremer

Funner Runner Half Marathon Training Spotlight
New Funner Runner, Lindsay Kremer, joins us for her first session.  Check out our Funner Runner spotlight below!

Why did you start running?
I started running because for some reason in college I thought it looked fun and challenging so I just started running. It has become a great sport for me because it allows me to still be involved in athletic endeavors where my only goal is being the best I can be day in and day out.

How many sessions have you been a Funner Runner?
This is my first season running with the Funner Runner group!

What do you love most about being a Funner Runner?
Having just moved from Connecticut this summer, it has been fantastic getting to know such a wonderfully supportive group of people who share the same love for running that I do. We always push each other to run a little bit faster and celebrate each others accomplishments - but many people at work can you really share your excitement for hitting a PR with on Monday morning with?

What running accomplishment are you most proud of?
While running my first half marathon was a huge accomplishment for me, I would have to say this past weekend at the Growler Gallop 10K in Greensboro. I took 7 minutes off my PR and finished first in my age group! I used to be a slower runner but after 4 weeks training with the Funner Runner Group, for the first time in my running history - I finished strong and left feeling like I totally owned my race.
What are your 2015-2016 goals?
I am super excited to be running a half this fall and I am hoping to totally crush it, with more training and another season with the Funner Runners in the Spring, I am hoping to run the NYC Half Marathon for the second time only much faster!

What is the best piece of advice you'd give someone considering their first half marathon or marathon?
It doesn't matter if you have never run before, or think you can't run - with hard work and dedication, you can totally run a race of any distance! Just get up and do it - crossing the finish line will be the most rewarding experience you can imagine and worth every sprint and drop of sweat you put into it!
What is your favorite place to run in High Point?
I guess not technically High Point but I am quite taken with Jamestown, it is such a cute town where you can run for miles!

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