Huma Gel Review

Huma GelHuma gel is an all-natural gel that uses chia seeds to provide protein and energy during high endurance activities. Huma gel uses a formula that includes 25% soluble fiber that reduces hunger and it can regulate sugar absorption. It comes in four great flavors, blueberry, apple cinnamon, mango, and strawberry.

I prefer the strawberry flavor, that’s my personal preference. Two months ago I got to use this product during a marathon that I competed in and it worked great. I used 3 gel packs during the marathon, in which, I spaced them out about 45 minutes apart, starting after an hour and a half. Every time I took one of these gels it not only gave me a good kick of energy, but also gave me a sense of being full. The chia seeds in the gel provide that absorption of water which regulates hunger and sugar absorption. The best part about the Huma gel was that I was able to swallow the gel better than regular GU. Huma gel has a low viscosity, which means it goes down a lot easier. The gel never let me down throughout the race; I feel that if I had taken any other type of gel I would not have done as well.

Also on a side note, it was great after the race; I didn’t have any stomach pains like I did when I used regular GU. The Huma gel’s all natural recipe left my stomach feeling great after the race. As a fellow endurance athlete, after getting to use this product I would recommend it to any endurance athlete who is looking to get an edge on their completion.

- Max Bergstrom

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