Kinvara 5 Staff Review

Stevven Anderson from our staff test drove the Saucony Kinvara 5 for a couple races when it came out.  Here's what he had to say about it:

It was love at first sight when the Kinvara 5 came out. This shoe offers it all. Overall look, cushioned ride and durability. I have already tacked on 50 miles in these shoes. The 50 miles were not easy miles either. It includes a 6 mile tempo run 20 minutes after I purchased the shoe, two 5k races and a speed workout on the roads. The wear on the shoe is almost nonexistent. This is remarkable because I normally run through shoes quickly. This shoe has felt amazing on every run and has not given me any trouble with hot spots, blisters or chafing. Highly recommend this shoe for and everyday trainer and racing purposes from 1600- 1/2marathons. This shoe receives a 5 star rating from me! If you have not tried it on do yourself a fovor and do so. You can thank me later. Great job Saucony!

4mm offset

7.7oz Men’s (Size 9)

6.7oz Women’s (size 8)

The Upper-

The Outsole/Midsole-

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