Mom always said...

'Tis the season to celebrate our mothers and all that they mean to us.  Here are some things that "Mom always said" to some of us:

Cindy Glass
I'm one of four children, the middle daughter of three.  When we were growing up, the attitude toward girls participating in sports was just beginning to change and opportunities to participate were just beginning to become available.  My mom and dad always encouraged all four of us to pursue our passion, whether it was occupational or recreational.  As a result, my sister and I were on our town's very first softball team, formed because a couple of girls, myself included, signed up for Little League.  My siblings and I were always allowed to be ourselves and were never forced to fit into a certain, societal mode.  When I found success in running my parents were both there to cheer me on, even though they may have found the entire concept of running marathons to be on the crazy side.  
So if I had to condense the above paragraph into a "Mom always said" statement, I guess it would be more about what she didn't say.  Mom never said, "You can't do that because girls shouldn't/don't."  That gave my sisters and me the freedom to expand our horizons beyond what many girls were allowed to.

Julie Banta
My mom always says, "I told you so, smart one."  She always has to be right, haha. :)

Kelly Parker
My mom always says laughing as she says it, "Do you have a piano tied to your butt?"  Apparently, this was a common phrase her military father would throw at her anytime she asked him to do something.

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