New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Review

Review by Zack Russell

New Balance Fresh Foam ZanteNew Balance Fresh Foam Zante Specs

I received a pair of New Balance Fresh Foam Zantes this week and immediately fell in love with this shoe.  At first glance this shoe is sleek and very different from the typical New Balance shoe.  It is a relatively light shoe, weighing in at 7.5oz, which makes it almost a full 1.5oz lighter than the Fresh Foam Boracay. It looks to be built for running at a faster clip and more on the mid-foot rather than heel strike.

The shoe felt extremely light on my feet and has a sock like upper.  It is a bootie construction design, made of a breathable mesh that is very thin in the forefoot area.  In the mid- and rear-foot the no-sew overlays hug the arch to secure the foot without being too tight. During my runs, I never felt any sort of slipping in the mid-foot, which was appreciated.

The midsole is composed of the New Balance Fresh Foam technology, just like the Boracay.  It features a more aggressive toe spring, which I appreciated as more of a mid-foot/fore-foot runner.  I felt as though I was being propelled forward rather than having to work much harder to run faster on my mid-foot.  The outsole is composed of 100% blown rubber that runs along the entire bottom of the shoe.  This outsole provided me with a smooth transition from the mid-foot strike to the toe off.

With the few runs I have made in this shoe, I have come to appreciate the Fresh Foam technology and the toe spring that they have added with the Zante.  I would recommend this shoe to any runner with a mid-foot strike and look for a shoe for shorter distances and faster paced runs.  It could also be a great tool for someone who wants to get away from landing so hard on their heel. The Zante and Boracay have been big improvements for the New Balance line and I look forward to seeing what more they have to offer in the future.

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