No Boundaries 5K Training Begins April 13th

No Boundaries High PointA journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. 

"It was so nice to be outside.  I experienced something this weekend that I thought it was worth sharing to the group.  What many of you might not realize is that there is a big running community in Greensboro.  If you show up to Spence Love tennis courts on a Saturday morning there are tons of people informally gathering to run.  All you need to do is show up.  So this Saturday Mark and I decided to drive over to Spencer Love and go for a run.  Mark was going to run 3 miles and I was going to attempt a 10 mile run.  So we took off and we stayed together for the first 1.5 miles before Mark made the turn to go back.  I continued on my run.  I happened to be wearing proudly my NoBo’s shirt that I earned after completing my first session with NoBo’s.  By me wearing this shirt, it was though I had my own personal cheering section.  I passed so many people who would give me a thumbs up or would say “you are doing great, keep it up”.  I heard “Go NoBo’s”.  The encouragement went on for miles.  Towards the end of my run, I guess that people could see me struggling and the encouragement just got stronger.  I can honestly say that those strangers that I passed on the trail inspired me so much.  It was the coolest experience ever!  I just had to share."

No Boundaries is more than a training program.  It is motivation to start taking the first small steps in a series of even bigger ones.  Whether you are looking to run you first 5K or need motivation to continue with people just like you, this is a journey that will take you very far.  It starts with a single step.

For more information about our No Boundaries program, contact our Training Programs Manager, Kathi Coldwell at or call our store at 336.858.5580.

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