Orange Mud Review

The new Orange Mud towel is more than just a towel. I have found four great uses for this product. The first being the towel aspect, it is made of a soft material which feels fantastic on the skin. Another use for the product is the seat cover. If you want to keep your seat’s clean and car looking good is the towel for you. The towel has a zipper on it to fit all vehicles and covers the entire seat. The third use of this towel is the privacy it gives you with the belt and locking system at the base of the product. It locks into place and gives you a secure, private area to slip your wet, muddy running clothes and change into something dry and clean. The last use I have found for this product is that it provides an area to stretch before workouts and after workouts. I’ve had the towel for a few weeks now and have been very impressed with the multiple uses it has. It’s easy to use, comes in many different colors and has our Fleet Feet logo on it to top it off. I highly recommend this towel to everyone who does any type of athletic events.

- Stevven Anderson

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