Pants or No Pants?

Fleet Feet Sports CaprisAs the weather gets chilly, each runner has their own formula of what to wear and what to shed.  What temperature do we choose to to wear capri's versus pants?  Arm sleeves versus long sleeves?  When is it acceptable to wear (dare I say it) underwear?

We took a sneak peak into the world of the everyday runners of Fleet Feet to get a glimpse of the habits, superstitions and just plain craziness of runners during the winter months.

"I will always choose to wear shorts if possible.  If it gets below 40 degrees I will go to the 'manpri's'.  I really hate the feeling of pants around my ankles, so the manpri's allow some space on my ankles.  Now if it gets below 20 degrees I will go full length tights, but I will never go to the pant," says Mike.  When asked about whether underwear was in the conversation, the answer was simply "never".

Greensboro Race Series winner, Stevven Anderson, was asked the same question, but had a much different answer.  As a runner always in training mode, his answer was this; "I always wear shorts no matter what the temperature is if I am doing a training run.  However, if I am doing an easy run, I will wear pants.  They slow me down a little bit so I will only wear them on easy runs."

"I wear pants if it even gets below 50 degrees.  I will always choose to be warm over being cold," says Dayle, formally from the warm climates of California.

Your turn: how do you layer up in the winter months?  

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