Seth's Solutions: What to Eat After Your Run

Seth EntwistleSo we spend a good amount of time talking to our customers about the shoesies they wear, the muscles they tear, and the...chair? hair? scare? couldn't find a good way to finish this seussesque rhyme pattern, POINT BEING: we don't always talk to them about foods that make them FEEL better post run. So basically lemme break it down for ya. When you go for a long run, you tear your muscles, the fibers get ALL RIPPED UP! And your body is like "dayum, this hurts", now how do we get that body back into working condition by building those muscles back together and making them STRONGER THAN EVER BEFORE! aha, well allow me to list three very helpful foods that can you get your body back into working order:

  1. Salmon- salmon has got two important components that help get them muscles feeling good again. One of which is Omega-3 fatty acids (the good kind of fat btw). Omega-3 acids promote lotsa blood flow and decrease inflammation, you can also find these fellas in Avocados! Salmon also has PROTEIN...
  2. da da da DAAA! EGGS: second food group, I thought the capitalized PROTEIN was a good segue into this food. Basically these fellas have tons of vitamins and minerals and TONS of proteins. Protein intake is important because that's what the muscles basically use to build back together after their all tore up. So just encourage a good amount of protein post work out in most forms The best way to get protein is by natural sources.
  3. Lastly: Cherry juice, yeah weird right? cherries are jack packed with TUNZ of antioxidants and anthocyanins (?) that help reduce inflammation. IMPORTANT POINT TO MAKE: make sure the cherry juice you be sippin' dont have sugar in it, Because ironically enough sugar can aggravate inflammation. So if you drank cherry juice with loads of sugar, your body would be like "da fuuuuu?" and it wouldn't do what it would need to do.

Alright, good deal, stay healthy my friends.

- Seth Entwistle

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