Streaker Profile: ID Shofoluwe

Streaker Profile: ID Shofoluwe - Personalized Group TrainingWhat is your most memorable running moment? 

My most memorable running moment was when I finished my first half marathon in Greensboro, 2014.  Just seeing myself crossing the finish line was gratifying. I felt accomplished.

What is your most memorable Streaker moment?  

I have many memorable Streaker moments. Running races and seeing my fellow Streakers cheering in the crowd shouting my name.  That is always honorable to me.

Do you have a favorite running story in Greensboro that you'd like to share?

Favorite running story in Greensboro was one day last year, I was running with my Streaker's family at the Country Park.   An African lady stopped me.  At first I was angry about that because she slowed me down.  But what happened next amazed me.  She asked where I was from, I told her from Nigeria.  She said “and you run?”  I said YES, with Streakers.   She quickly pulled out her cell phone and took my picture.  She said it was inspiring to see an African woman like her, especially at my age (in her 50s) to be running in a skimpy running skort.  I felt like a celebrity that day.  I told her to do whatever makes her happy to be in good health, because running makes me happy after I am done.  I extended an invitation to her to come run with us to see if she would like running.  

What has made the difference for you to stay motivated to run and keep striving for more?

Why I stay motivated is the positive effects of running on my health.  In 2014, I was wearing pant size 10/12, now I am wearing size 4/6.  I get clean bill of health from my Cardiologist at every visit.   I have been removed from exercise restriction because my heart muscles are stronger than ever before.  I feel great, I sleep well without taking medication.  Blood pressure medicine is as need basis. I am much happier with great outlook on life.   

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