Streaker Profile - Lisa and Barry Martin

Lisa & Barry have been inspirational members of the Streaker family for years.  If you want to know what it means to have the best partner, friend, and/or teammate possible, all you have to do is watch these two run together.  They run side by side at EVERY group run.  I once had a fellow Streaker cry happy tears watching them, as they stated, "their love is what everyone deserves".  Both are extremely hard workers, encouraging each other every step of the way.  They have a passion for the Shamrock race in the spring, in which Barry has become a staple in the half-marathon and Lisa in the 8K.  Not only is their love for each other infectious, so is their love for the entire Streaker family.  For example, whenever we do any type of costume run, you can count on these two to come dressed to the nines, showing everyone just how fun running can be.  For Lisa and Barry, running is not necessarily about setting new PRs; it is about togetherness and happiness.

Barry answered a couple of questions about running and Streakers.

What made you start running?

Lisa really starting running first. She was inspired to do so from co-workers that were members of Streakers back in 2012. Lisa also ran some track in high school. I never ran track in high school and was never good with long distance runs.

What is your most memorable running moment?

The most memorable running moment for me is always running step for step, stride by stride with Lisa. She is my partner in life. She makes this fun for me.

What is your most memorable Streaker moment?

The most memorable Streaker moment is spending time with the group discussing runs/races that they have done and the nice exchanges of thoughts and ideas. We also enjoy our guest speakers, who are very knowledgeable people about our sport. We are very grateful for Jen; she is a great coach and motivator! We could not have come this far without her!! Our Streaker discount for store purchases is very helpful too. We also enjoy our end of session and holiday meals, which are great ways to enjoy fellowship with our Streaker family.

What is your favorite “running in Greensboro” story?

How well Lisa did at last year’s Greensboro Gobbler race. She did great, pulled all the hills, and had a great finish. It was my pleasure to finish right at her side. I am looking forward to more races with her this spring, summer, and fall as we have both signed up for many of the 5Ks in the Greensboro Race Series. Where we both really shined was the Shamrock races in Virginia Beach, VA over the St. Patrick’s Day holiday weekend. I was very proud this year to run the 8K with Lisa and run the half marathon solo.

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