Streaker Profile: Ryan Davis

Ryan Davis | Streaker Personalized Group Training ProfileWhat is your most memorable running moment?

I have to 2 most memorable running moments. The 1st moment was running my first marathon and coming to the point where the finish line was in sight. As bad as that marathon was, I never felt so relieved and accomplished at the same time! It was a very proud moment for myself!

The 2nd was when I was running through the streets of the Chicago marathon and seeing thousands of people cheering you on. It was such an uplifting moment and I felt like I was on cloud 9!

What made you decide to run a marathon initially?

I initially decided to run a marathon because after I had a couple halves under my bet, I decided it was the next natural progression and I guess I wanted to see if I could actually do accomplish it!

What is your most memorable Streaker moment?

My most memorable Streaker moment was when Jen decided to have dress up in our Halloween Costumes during the month of July and do a track workout. I’m sure we looked ridiculous and needless to say to was extremely hot out. The costume I had on was not summertime friendly either. As bad as that night was, I will probably never forget it!

Do you have a favorite running story in Greensboro that you'd like to share?

This is tough one as I’m not sure I have one favorite running story in Greensboro as each one is unique and memorable in its own way but I guess I would have to say it happened as I was training for the 2015 Chicago marathon. Amanda Coble and I did most of our training together so as the marathon was fast approaching and it was time for our 22 miler, we decided we would tackle it on a Friday morning as I had plans for the weekend. Sense it was a workday; we planned to start at a some crazy hour around 5:15 AM. So as Friday came and my alarm went off to get up and meet Amanda, I looked out the window and it was pouring rain! The forecast did not have the raining letting up either. I texted Amanda to see if we should postpone but we decided to meet and run it anyway; it rained and poured the entire time but once we finished, we felt we ready for Chicago and whatever weather it would throw at us!

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