Streaker Spotlight: Beth Kaplan

Streaker Spotlight: Beth Kaplan

As a long time runner and 11-time Streaker, it is family and friends that keep Beth going and working towards different goals.  Check out our Streaker spotlight: Beth Kaplan.

Why did you start running?
I was a track runner in High School and ran a little in college. My Dad and my brother got back into running and I thought it would be fun to run with them. Boy did they run my butt into the ground at first. I wasn’t all sure about this distance stuff but I hung in there. 

How many sessions have you been a Streaker?

What do you love most about being a Streaker?
Running with my Dad and meeting so many different and great people. I have made so many friends and learned so much about so many things because of the people that run with streakers. It is amazing how many kind, talented, brilliant people live in the Triad.

What running accomplishment are you most proud of?
There are 2. One is helping my Dad qualify for Boston and the 2nd is my Wrightsville half. I think I am starting to realize that maybe I am tougher than I give myself credit.

What are your 2015 and 2016 goals?
2015 – Run an amazing Detroit marathon and then relax a little with my running and smell the roses.
Best piece of advice you'd give someone considering their first half-marathon or marathon? For those Type A’s out there, remember that you have a time goal but your biggest goal should be just getting to the finish line and living in the moment. There will always be another race but there will never another first race. Don’t get so caught up in the moment that you forget why you run.

What is your favorite place to run in Greensboro?
My favorite place is still that small part of the greenway from Burmil towards Owls Roost. That was the first big set of hills, now they seem like nothing, that I ever ran. And it seems like if I ever have a really bad day I can go out there and run that couple of miles and feel like a kid again.

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