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Katrin Deil
It’s the end of my second training session with the Streakers, the Philadelphia marathon is coming up and I am already signed up for Streakers 10 with the goal of completing a 50 mile ultra in April. Coach Jen not only wrote my training plan but also helped me believe in myself. When Jen told me my paces for the Triad Ten Miler I told her that I’d try but that I thought it was too intense. Well, she was right, I was able to do it and I was even a few seconds faster! Sticking to Jen’s plan does pay off but it would have been much harder during this hot and humid summer if I would not have had my fellow Streakers and the prospect of freezer pops or dinner with a cold beverage after our workouts. Streakers Personalized Group Training

Rick O’Reilly
Eighteen months ago, I was not a runner, I did not like running.  I entered a 5K, with a goal of 36 min. I beat my goal and I was hooked on running. I am running my first Half Marathon next week.  I attribute my success to hard work, an amazing group of people called STREAKERS, who were incredibly encouraging and supportive of my progress and Coach Jen Goff, who designed a plan for me to follow to continue to get stronger and faster. I look forward to running with you during STREAKERS 10.

Chris Burton
I am a first time Streaker and a newbie runner, having hit the pavement for the first time on Christmas 2013. I wanted to join a running group after I finished training for my first marathon with Team in Training. Streakers is the best fit for any runner looking to improve at any level. As casual or intense as you make it.  Tons of fun and supportive people, great coaching and race support. I think I'm getting faster and more focused after this season and look forward to more gains in the next. 

Erick Calloway
If you are looking to get faster or stronger with your runs or just maybe want to run with others just as crazy as you are, then Streakers is for you.  I went from running 6 miles @ 9:20 pace to my first half-marathon @ 8:20 pace after the first class, and I am on my way to my first full marathon with the second class.

Shawn Greer
I joined Streakers because I knew I needed help to be ready to run my first marathon. I started talking about this quest with Clark Doggett one day at work last fall. He convinced me that Streakers was the support I was looking for. Let me just say that was one of the best decisions I have made. I have met some of my best friends, run my best times, gained so much confidence and have gotten the advice of an amazing coach whenever I need it! The plans Jen gives us are priceless.  I love my Streaker family! 

Terry Lamar
I love being a Streaker because it motivates me to stay on target.  I have a written plan that I am to follow each week. If I fail to complete one of my target workouts, then I am forced to record a zero for the day. If I don't have a good reason for that zero, then I feel I have let myself down.  Being in Streakers also provides me encouragement when I'm a little down!  Being in Streakers makes the time fly by on those long east runs where you are not really motivated.  And most of all, being in Streakers gives me the opportunity to meet other runners and share in failures and accomplishments. You can always find someone who has had a really good race or has lost an extra pound of two.  Some runs are just better in a group!  Been running since 1976.

Rick Dutch
I joined Streakers approximately three years ago and have really enjoyed running with my fellow Streakers. There is nothing like going to a race and seeing/feeling the support of the Streaker family. I have developed great friendships while learning all about nutrition, running and mobility.  Coach Jen has developed personalized plans for me for every event and race I have prepared for and run.  Her support and training has helped me consistently improve and become a better runner. I look forward to many more races and Streaker sessions.

Julie Greene
I have completed 8 out of the 9 Streaker sessions and had a blast in every one.  At first I did not consider myself a runner. A swimmer, a triathlete, that's what I considered myself. Since running was the weakest leg of my triathlon, I joined the Streakers under the recommendation of a friend to build my running endurance and speed.  Little did I know that I would gain so much from the two and a half years I have spent training with this group! What I enjoy most about the Streakers is the social aspect, there is always someone to meet for a run, join you on a trail, try out some new cross training and, of course, grab a bite to eat after a run. The support of all my Streaker friends (more like family!) has kept me motivated to set my goals farther and farther. I'm still a swimmer, I'm still a triathlete, but now I call myself a runner, a trail runner, a marathoner and an ultra-runner! 

Jack Bolick
I love being a Streaker because no matter how slow I ran or how bad I looked doing it, everyone encourages and supports me. I still am not “fast”, but I do run better now, and during the last few runs, I have been able to keep up with my peeps. I will come back for my second time this winter, and I bet by spring time I will be hitting all my marks. I also promise that I will not whine about the cold.  Go Streakers, old guys rule.

Lisa Aponte-Wolff
Why do I love being a Streaker??  Here are my top five reasons:

  1. Awesome and knowledgeable coach
  2. Amazing group of people
  3. Crazy runners.  We run in the rain, snow, ice, cold days, hot days and humid weather.  Nothing stops a Streaker!!
  4. Camaraderie all the way!
  5. Who else would I rather be running with…..a Streaker! 

Alexis Morris
Streakers are my friends, my support group and my cheer squad.  They help me get through the miles when I need some motivation. They make me laugh at myself when I'm being too hard on myself.  They are always proud of me no matter what.  They show me that I can do things that I never thought I could do.  They are my family.  And that's why I keep coming back.

Clark Doggett
I started running at age 65 and after running a marathon without any training or guidance I decided that maybe I needed some help.  Streakers had just started their first session and my son, John and I decided to join.  That was the start of my obsession. 

Through Streakers, my running has definitely improved in all distances.  I have set PR’s in my 5K’s, 10K’s, ½ Marathon’s, and Marathon’s.  I was able, through my work with Jen Goff, to qualify for Boston, a dream of a lifetime. 

I have also enjoyed meeting all the other wonderful Streakers that have since joined.  Some will be part of my family forever.  My daughter has also joined Streakers and I enjoy the time that we have been running together and traveling to races. 

Streakers is more than a running training class.  It is a community, a family, and lead by the invincible, amazing Jen Goff.  It is one of the best decisions I have made.  

Louisa Raisbeck

I started running with Streakers in August last year after moving to Greensboro from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and 10 weeks after having a baby. I wanted to join a group that would help me adjust to our recent move and I wanted to meet people that enjoyed participating in similar activities as I do. 

Streakers gave me so much more than I could have ever thought! I have made some great running friends and my running is improving. Jen is a fabulous coach, she is very detailed with her programs. The workouts are fun, innovative, interactive and challenging. She has helped me prepare for running races, but she has also made me feel part of a community, which is what I was looking for. Jen knows what she is doing, she cares about all of her runners and is focused on fun, supportive sessions.

Ginger Cooper
The Price of Being a Streaker!
1. The knowledge of Coach Jen = $ Awesome
2. Getting personalized training programs that improve your skills = $ Faster
3. Speed work and Hill intervals = $ Tougher
4. Realize you just beat your own goal, AND knocked 26 minutes off of your last marathon time = $ WHAT! Are you serious!
5. Having a terrific group of Streakers, (um.. I mean friends) cheering you on at every mile marker at every race =$ PRICELESS!!

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