Swiftwick Zero Review

Swiftwick ZeroThe Swiftwick Zero is a newer sock on our wall.  It has been on the wall throughout the summer.  It is a light compression sock that wicks sweat and is blister resistant.  I can truly state that these claims are absolutely true!  

I recently raced Rev3 Andersom 70.3 and it rained before the swim and during the bike.  My pink Swiftwick Zero 200 Threads were SOAKED!  I fumbled to put them in and started the bike.  The majority of the bike was in rain, wind and hail!  Needless to say the socks did not dry out.
I quickly dismounted my bike and headed into T2.  I slipped on my Pearl Izumi T-N2s and headed out on the 13.1 mile run.  The socks were DRENCHED!  I finished the race and my feet were amazingly dry.  The best part of it all was that there was only one TINY blister on my second metatarsil.
One tiny blister over 69 total miles.  Swiftwicks had always done well on dry race days, but to come away with only a tiny blister... I will ALWAYS wear them from here on out!
W. Andrew Corbin, M.Ed.
Fleet Feet Sports High Point

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