Why Runners Should Wear Sunglasses

As the sun starts to peak out on a more consistent basis, many of us find ourselves enjoying the beautiful weather and the great outdoors!  In order for runners, both amateur and professional alike, to run their best times, they must feel comfortable and relaxed.  

Often this mean runners are taking ever measure to find the best footwear, clothes and accessories to meet their needs.  For race day, they may wear their favorite moisture-wicking top and compression sleeves.  They even take measures to protect themselves from the sun with chemical free sunscreen and hats to shield themselves from the sun's glaring rays.  However, runners must also take care of their eyes if they are running for any length of time.

Exposing your eyes to the sun's harsh rays for an extended amount of time can damage your eyesight.  It can also take it's toll on your running time.  Runners that squint tend to tense up their face and shoulders when they run.  Over the course of a long run, these tensed up muscles can contribute to slower running times and lack of efficiency in your running motion.  Wearing sunglasses can offer much needed stress relief from your eyes and allow your body to back into a relaxed state for easy running.  Sunglasses can also protect your eyes from wind and depris during your runs.  

If you find yourself squinting during your runs, take a moment to relax your face and really see what effect it is having on your run.  Sunglasses can be the answer to a much happier, faster run.

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