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The Fleet Feet Pickle

Why "The Pickle"?

This is a destination run between the two stores.  We threw around names and it was mentioned that the run was quite a "pickle", and the name stuck.  The Fleet Feet Pickle was born.

How are we doing transportation?

You will be responsible for transporting your team members to and from each relay spot.  We have mapped out the course to have safe locations for cars to pick up and drop off.

We will have 3 relay points:
  • Relay Point 1: Mile 4.8 at Kernodle Middle School
  • Relay Point 2: Mile 8.2 at Leonard Rec Center
  • Relay Point 3: Mile 12.3 at Coilplus (426 S. Chimney Rock Rd - entrance off of Boulder)
We will have 3 water stops in addition to the 3 relay points.

What about transportation for the brave soul that runs the entire length of the race?

We will provide transportation back to the High Point store after the run for any runners who choose to go the entire distance.

What if we just have two people on our team?

Great! Teams can be comprised of 2 or 4 members, in addition to the solo runners. If you're part of a two person team, we would recommend having runner #1 go from the start to 8, and runner #2 runs from 8 to the finish.

Will the course be marked?

Yes! We will have Pickle arrows leading you down the course.  We will also have a bicycle leading the way and following the rear.

Do you have turn by turn directions?

We are offering directions via the RunGoApp: 

Route 2 - 3.38 miles :  

Some Helpful Tips for using the #RunGoApp 

  1. Download the app and play with it some before using it on your first run.
  2. Make sure you have the latest version. 
  3. Make sure when using the app that you have WiFi turned off. We've discovered if you have WiFi on and while running and you run by somewhere with WiFi it will mess up the app.
  4. Make sure you have your media volume turned up. (Ring tone volume doesn't effect the app). Also go into the app settings and make sure the app volume is turned up.
  5. Sometimes the app will tell you you're "Off Course." If you know you're on course, just keep running your route and it will eventually correct itself. Keep in mind though, that if you are off course it will tell you that you're off course, but it will not give options for how to get back on course like the GPS in your car will do. So, it's best to pull up the route ahead of time to get a general idea of where you'll be running.
  6. Make sure your phone is fully charged.
  7. RunGo will give a heads-up for a turn direction about 1/4 mile ahead of the turn and then it will give the direction again at the turn. Make sure you have your phone somewhere you can here it if you're not using ear buds.

Is this an official timed event?

We will be offering this as a fun run.  We will not have official times offered.  We will not have streets blocked off during the event, so it will be important to abide by all traffic laws during the run.

Will streets be blocked off for the run?

No.  We will not have streets blocked off for the event, so please abide by all traffic laws while running.  

 Will there be food and drinks at the end?

Yes! We will have food and beverages at the end of the run along with plenty of time to mingle with your fellow runners.

Is this for charity?

Yes!  BackPack Beginnings provides nutritious food and comfort items for children in need.  Donations will be taken at the beginning of the run. 

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