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Training for and completing your personal goal is a challenging and rewarding endeavor. Participants in this program benefit from our professional head coach, experienced mentors and managed group workouts on Greensboro's best paths.  Participants also have access to an extensive lineup of health care professionals and informational clinics on subjects such as nutrition, hydration, gear, injury prevention, stretching techniques and more.

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The Streakers program, founded by Coach Jen in 2011, is great for the beginner or experienced runner alike seeking an individualized training experience in a group setting. The program has served nearly 600 runners since inception and has produced numerous Boston Marathon qualifiers and thousands of PRs.  All distances from 5K through ultra marathon are welcome. Participants receive a personalized training plan but also meet on Mondays and Thursdays to run together.  Regardless of experience level, Streakers love the camaraderie of new friends and running buddies, and whatever their individual goals, they have become a family (no worries, a fully-clothed one!).  Participants also receive an initial consultation with Coach Jen, sub-group (Will Ferrell themed!) pace assignments, guest speakers, a targeted group race (although participants may target any race of their choice), social gatherings, a 15% store discount, and much more.


We're super excited to work with Julie Luther and PurEnergy Fitness to offer an awesome training program/fitness center combo!  Now you can join Julie Luther's gym for an additional $50 for the duration of the session (that's 14 weeks for only $50!).  So, it would be $210 total for newbies/$185 for returnees.  This is a great way to get in your weights & cross-training inexpensively, close to the store, and on your own or with your fellow Streakers!  You'll have full access to the gym and all the fitness center classes!

You can also now add Yoga for Runners  to your registration.  This is 16 weeks of yoga for $95 designed specifically for runners at our store.  The classes are on Tuesday evenings from 7:15pm - 8:15pm.

Register by Jan. 1 and Receive a pair of Brooks Warm Spirits crew socks!

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Streakers Personalized Group Training

More Information:
For questions about whether Streakers is right for you, contact Coach Jen Goff at
Jen Goff, USATF and RRCA certified
Dates:   January 15 - April 19
Group Runs:  Mondays and Thursdays at 6pm; Saturday mornings
Training Location:  Greensboro store unless otherwise specified 
Cost:  $160

Look what the New Year will bring, awesome running through the Spring!  With so many races to choose from between 5K and ultra marathon, allow Coach Jen and your fellow Streakers to push you to your goals.  Participants will receive:

  • A one-on-one consultation with Coach Jen
  • A customized training plan that is tailored to yourindividual experience, current fitness, goals, race date(s), and work/family schedule
  • Training plan updates to accommodate any unforeseen changes (i.e. goal race, sickness, injury; etc.) 
  • Individual weekly workout paces based on your training progress
  • Individual race goal setting and strategies 
  • Unlimited email communication with Coach Jen
  • Sub-group pace assignments (each of the four sub-groups are led by an experienced captain)
  • Three weekly group runs:  Mondays & Thursdays at 6pm and Saturday mornings (time may vary).  Streakers are not expected to stay together at group runs.  
  • A unique Streaker-specific shirt
  • A calendar of Streaker social events & guest speakers
  • A 15% storewide discount at Fleet Feet Greensboro & High Point
  • Triad-area race discounts

** A group target race is the Oak Island Lighthouse Half Marathon, but as always, participants can gear towards any race(s) of your choice!

To ensure that you receive your plan in advance of the first group run, please register by January 8.

A Sample of Testimonials from Past Team Members:

"Coach Jen not only wrote my training plan but also helped me believe in myself. When Jen told me my paces for the Triad Ten Miler I told her that I’d try but that I thought it was too intense. Well, she was right, I was able to do it and I was even a few seconds faster! Sticking to Jen’s plan does pay off but it would have been much harder during this hot and humid summer if I would not have had my fellow Streakers and the prospect of freezer pops or dinner with a cold beverage after our workouts." 

"Eighteen months ago, I was not a runner, I did not like running.  I entered a 5K, with a goal of 36 min. I beat my goal and I was hooked on running. I am running my first Half Marathon next week.  I attribute my success to hard work, an amazing group of people called STREAKERS, who were incredibly encouraging and supportive of my progress and Coach Jen Goff, who designed a plan for me to follow to continue to get stronger and faster. " 

"Streakers is the best fit for any runner looking to improve at any level. As casual or intense as you make it.  Tons of fun and supportive people, great coaching and race support. I think I'm getting faster and more focused after this season and look forward to more gains in the next. " 

"If you are looking to get faster or stronger with your runs or just maybe want to run with others just as crazy as you are, then Streakers is for you.  I went from running 6 miles @ 9:20 pace to my first half-marathon @ 8:20 pace after the first class, and I am on my way to my first full marathon with the second class." 

"Let me just say that joining Streakers was one of the best decisions I have made. I have met some of my best friends, run my best times, gained so much confidence and have gotten the advice of an amazing coach whenever I need it! The plans Jen gives us are priceless.  I love my Streaker family! "

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